Revolutionary Design for Severe Washdown Applications

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Revolutionary Design for Severe Washdown Applications
Introducing the New Extreme Stainless Steel Duck Motor

Electrical Performance and Protection Features
• Motors meet EPACT mandates for non-exempt motors when tested without shaft seals
• Total winding encapsulation using an Epoxy Resin.
• LEESON’s exclusive IRIS™ Inverter-Rated Insulation System provides extra protection and long life, especially when used in applications driven by an Inverter.

Standards and Approvals
• Motors are UL component recognized – file number E57948, guide number PRGY2
• CSA Energy Efficiency Verification Program, report number EEV 78720-1
• Construction is CSA Certified for safety, report number LR33543 and listed under BISSC authorization number 769

General Specifications
These Revolutionary Designed Stainless Steel Motors are built using our “Voice of the customer” design criteria to withstand extreme washdown and sanitation requirements of the food processing, pharmaceutical, packaging and beverage industries. Our Innovative Hydro Sealed System “HS2” protects from the “outside-in” by reducing entrance points of contaminants and eliminates the need for drain plugs and breathers. This proven process also minimizes exterior hardware, which may trap application elements. Our unique Rotor/Cartridge Seal System, “Q-CAR” gives quick access to the interior of the motor should the need arise. 300-Series Stainless Steel used on all exterior surfaces gives ideal protection against severe chemical-processing applications and frequent washdown processes using Salt water, Nitric Acids and Solvents. These motors meet IEC IP-67 test requirements, though they are not designed to run immersed in water.

Mechanical Protection Features
• All exterior components are 300-Series stainless steel
• Protech Bearing isolator used for the output shaft seal
• Double Lip Viton shaft seal used on non-drive output shaft on TEFC motors
• Minimal exterior fasteners due to no through-bolt design and screw on conduit box covers reduces surface areas that may trap contaminants
• Double-sealed bearings are pre-lubricated with moisture resistant, high temperature grease for long life
• Rotor/Cartridge, “Q-CAR,” design for quick access to motor interior (patent pending).
• O-ring sealed openings on conduit box covers and Rotor/Cartridge cover
• Rigid Cast Base for rugged applications
• Conduit box lead hole location Rota table on TEFC designs
• Full fact nameplate is laser etched to the motor frame making frame surface smooth, which eliminates areas that trap contaminants
• Ease of clean construction is BISSC certified for bakery applications and motors meet Pharmaceutical Duty specifications

Protection from the Outside-In

Rating Information


. These motors are totally enclosed, non-ventilated—Others are fan cooled.


Numbers in green are EPACT motors.

Single-Phase and larger HP motors coming in 2008.

Taking It To The Extreme!

Laser etched full-fact nameplate on motor frame.

Screw on conduit box cover
BICB compartment on TENV designs with o-ring for maximum sealing plus reduces exterior hardware, which may trap contaminants (patent pending).

Maximum internal encapsulation reduces interior air volume, thus reducing the points of entry by contaminants and eliminates the need for drain plugs and breathers.

300 Series stainless steel exterior components frame base include frame, base, conduit box cover endshields and bearing carrier cover for extreme washdown conditions.

Double sealed bearings with moisture resistant high-temperature grease.

Bearing carrier cover with o’ring for ease of assembly and maximum sealing protection (patent pending).

Treated rotor to protect against corrosion.


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