U.S. Motors: ACCU-Torq Motors Vector Duty Induction Motors

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ACCU-Torq® Motors Vector Duty Induction Motors

Product Overview and Options

Encoder-equipped ACCU-Torq® motors are a low-cost, error-• Class F Insulation

free solution to applications requiring accurate positioning • F-1 Standard, field convertible to F-2 for 180 frame and above or precise speed control without the rapid acceleration

• Normally closed thermostats standard dynamics of a servomotor. ACCU-Torq is designed to be

• Shaft grounding ring option on all ratings used with inverter and vector drive applications requiring up • Encoder and brake provision on all ratings to a 2000:1 constant torque speed range and is the perfect • Three year limited warranty* complement to Commander SL, SK or Unidrive SP drives.

Point-to-point indexing and material handling applications are ideal for ACCU-Torq’s capabilities. Cost savings are significant due to the lower cost of materials used in induction motor design.

Product Features:

• Constant torque operation; zero to base speed on vector drives

• Constant power (HP) operation to twice base speed

• Continuous duty at 40°C Ambient

• Optimized for operation with IGBT and intelligent power module drives (NEMA®† Design A) ACCU-Torq® Motor

*For details, refer to: www.usmotors.com

Conversion Options

Ask your Nidec Motor Corporation sales representative ACCU-Torq® Motor Encoder Option: for pre-assembled encoder, brake, and shaft grounding

• All encoders listed have “line-driver” outputs

ring options. No Extra Assembly Charge.

• Encoders available in 1024 and 2048ppr

• Encoder cables not supplied by Nidec Motor Corporation

Base Model Manufacturer Size Supply Volts Connector Application

HS20 Dynapar 2.0" 5-26v DC MS 10-pin Medium Duty

HS35 Dynapar 3.5" 5-26v DC MS 10-pin Heavy Duty

SL56 Dynapar for 4.5" A-K 5-15v DC Epic Solderless For Brake Use**

Model 260 EPC 2.0" 5-28v DC M-12* Light Duty

25T EPC 2.5" 5-28v DC MS 10-pin Medium Duty

Model 770 EPC for 4.5" A-K 5-28v DC MS 10-pin For Brake Use**

*Mating Connectors Not Provided For M12 Connection. **For Use of Brake Along with Encoder on Motor, Please Select These Encoders

ACCU-Torq® Motor Brake Options:

Make Coil Volts (v-ac) Holding Torque (lb-ft) Discount Symbol

Stearns 575 10 lb-ft DS-VFM

Stearns 575 6 lb-ft DS-VFM

Stearns 208-230/460 10 lb-ft DS-VFM

Stearns 208-230/460 6 lb-ft DS-VFM

Stearns 115/208-230 10 lb-ft DS-VFM

Stearns 115/208-230 6 lb-ft DS-VFM

Connections To Brakes: Flying Leads In Brake Enclosure Brakes Rated For ‘Holding’ Only - Not to be Applied for Stopping Universal Mount - For Vertical and Horizontal Mounted Motors

ACCU-Torq® Motor Shaft-Grounding Ring Option:

• Reduces potential bearing failures caused by induced shaft currents

• AEGISR+ brand

† All marks shown within this document are properties of their respective owners. NIDEC MOTOR CORPORATION

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