MinVee Linear Slide System

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Size 0 MinVee Double Edge Track - Drilled and Undrilled .Self-aligning mounting shoulder for accurately positioning Vee ways 90° .158.Double edge design ensures parallel Vee ways

Pre-drilled track allow immediate installation, no matching required.

AISI 1045 carbon steel, hardened polished or unhardened as formed, oiled

.516 .093.
Custom coating/plating options: black oxide, electroless and nickel.

Standard pre-drilled track have thru holes

.06 .153
Track Part Number Track Support Part Number Number of Holes Length*2 Vee Way Surface Condition Length*2
TD0-650-4 MV0TS-650-4 4 6.50 .138*6
TD0-1250-7 MV0TS-1250-7 7 12.50
TD0-1850-10 MV0TS-1850-10 10 18.50 Hardened, Drilled
TD0-2450-13 MV0TS-2450-13 13 24.50 Rc 53
TD0-3050-16 MV0TS-3050-16 16 30.50 Minimum .25*3 2.0*4 .156*5 2.0*4 .25*3
TD0-3650-19 MV0TS-3650-19 19 36.50
TDO-”Length”9 MV0TS-”Length”9 N/A Customer Specified Hardened, Undrilled 1. For non-standard track lengths or other non-standard options, contact Bishop-Notes:
TDS0-650-4 MV0TS-650-4 4 6.50 Wisecarver for quotation. 2. The over-all length tolerance is ±.015 inches for drilled track and ±.0625 inches for
TDS0-1250-7 MV0TS-1250-7 7 12.50 undrilled track.
TDS0-1850-10 TDS0-2450-13 MV0TS-1850-10 MV0TS-2450-13 10 13 18.5024.50 Unhardened, Drilled Rc 22-25 3. End hole spacing tolerance is ±.01 inches. 4. Hole to hole spacing tolerance is ±.01 inches.
TDS0-3050-16 MV0TS-3050-16 16 30.50 5. Hole diameter tolerance is ±.005 inches. 6. Mounting hole location tolerance is ±.005 inches.
TDS0-3650-19 MV0TS-3650-19 19 36.50 7. Maximum single piece track lengths: hardened = 18 feet; unhardened = 20 feet.
TDS0-”Length”9 MV0TS-”Length”9 N/A Customer Specified Unhardened, Undrilled 8. Track weight is .171 lbs/ft. 9. Specify custom length in inches.
Values are in inches

.296 .236.157 .217 (7.52) (5.99)(3.99) (5.51)
Mounting Spacer Track Support
• Part #MV0S18H • See table for
appropriate part .0970 ±.0025 number
• Stainless steel
(2.464 ±0.063) .551
• Anodized aluminum .176(14.00)
• Pre-drilled mounting .273
holes (6.93)
Mounting Options
T-Slot Beam Mount1 .310
1. Mounting hardware and substrate are not included, but can be ordered through Bishop-Wisecarver. Call for quotation.

2. Customer substrate bottom mounting requires track with tapped holes. Contact Bishop-Wisecarver for quotation.

Motion Without Limits®

Size 0 MinVee Wheel Plates
Qty (4)1
Qty (4)
(50.8).6061-T6 anodized aluminum carriage with stainless steel lubricator housings
M4 x 0.7mm M2 x 0.4mm
and felt lubrication pads .
Two (2) concentric and two (2) eccentric DualVee integral studded wheels .

Carbon steel or polymer over-molded wheels with stainless steel bearings .

Service interval = 100km (62.1 miles at 23° C) and 50% humidity at

stated load capacities

(44.45) .567
Wheel Plate Specifications -Load capacity based on 100km service life

Mounting Hole Spacing
Carriage Part # MV0WPA MV0WPAX MV0WPAP
1. Track lubricator mounting holes
Wheel Carriage Type
Steel, Shielded Steel, Sealed
Polymer, Shielded -20° C to 120° C
-30° C to 100° C -20° C to 120° C
Operating Temperature Range
(-4° F to 248° F) (22° F to 212° F)
(-4° F to 248° F) AISI 52100 carbon steel,
AISI 440C stainless steel,
Wheel Specifications
double row angular contact bearing single row bearing
Axial Working Load (LA)
540 N (121.4 lbf) 66.7 N (15 lbf)
Radial Working Load (LR)
490 N (110.2 lbf) 65 N (14.6 lbf)
Pitch Moment (MP)
7.9 Nm (69.9 lbf-in) 1.4 Nm (12.4 lbf-in)
Yaw Moment (MY)
8.6 Nm (76.1 lbf-in) 4.5 Nm (39.8 lbf-in)
Roll Moment (MR)
6.2 Nm (54.9 lbf-in) 1 Nm (8.8 lbf-in)
Maximum Speed
5 m/s (16.4 ft/s) 1 m/s (3.3 ft/s)
Maximum Acceleration
49 m/s2 (5g) 29.4 m/s2 (3g)
Weight in Grams

Life Calculation: LR LA MP MY MR 100
LF = + + + + Service Interval (km) = @ LF < 1 .9LF +.1
LR max LA max MP max MY max MR max
Top Mount1 Bottom Mount1,2
Ø.254 MAX.

(20.02) .182

Bishop­Wisecarver Corporation: Manufacturer of the original DualVee® guide wheel and industry leader in guided motion technology, andexclusiveNorthandCentralAmericanpartneranddistributorforHepcoMotionproductssince1984.

DualVee® Guide Wheels LoPro® Actuated Linear Guidance System MadeWell® Crown Rollers MinVee® Linear Slide System UtiliTrak® Linear Guide

DAPDU2 Double Acting Profile Driven Unit DLS Driven Linear System DTS Driven Track System GV3 Linear Guidance and Transmission System HDCB Heavy Duty Compact Beam HDCS Heavy Duty Compact Screw HDLS Heavy Duty Driven Linear System HDRT Heavy Duty Ring Slides and Track System HDS2 Heavy Duty Slide System MHD Heavy Duty Track Roller Guidance System MCS Machine Construction System PDU2 Profile Driven Unit PDU2M Belt Driven Unit PRT2 Precision Ring and Track System PSD80 Screw Driven Linear Actuator PSD120 Profile Screw Driven Unit SBD Sealed Belt Drive Simple.Select® SL2 Stainless Steel Based Slide System
Download 3D CAD files for our complete product line at www.bwc.com/3dcad.php.
on Blogger http://bwcnews.blogspot.com/
Please call Bishop.Wisecarver with your specific application requirements. Our technical staff is available to assist with your custom solution.

Bishop.Wisecarver provides a written three year limited warranty on our Swiss bearings and a written one year limited warranty on all other products assuring the customer that its products conform to published specifications and are free fromdefectsinmaterialorworkmanship.

Complete terms and conditions and warranty information is available at www.bwc.com/about_conditions.vp.html

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