The AS600 Series Stainless Chain

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Driven to give you more of what you need.
Introducing our AS600 series chain with 600SS round parts and 300SS series side plates. Drives AS600 series chain gives you a 50% higher working load over 300SS series chain and it provides increased wear life—all while still providing excellent corrosion resistance.
What’s more, Drives AS600 series stainless steel chain can be used in most applications* which currently use 304SS.

Fulton, IllInoIs • Phone: 800-435-0782 • roller chaIn • conveyor & engIneered class chaIn • PrecIsIon attachment chaIn
what applications you need It For:
• Equipment where “timing” is critical
• Matched Strands (side by side) running at same rate
• Equipment where 304SS series chain isn’t lasting
• Near or in contact with food
• Washdown with diluted caustic or acidic solutions
• Corrosive environments

Primary Processing Plants:
• Rendering Plants
• Poultry Plants
• Meat Processing
• Bakeries
• Food & Beverage
• Foundries – Elevated Temperatures
• Packaging Equipment

the as600 stainless chain

here’s what it can handle:
• 50% higher working loads over 300SS
• Increased wear life
• Increased bearing pressures
• Wide temperature range:

-40º F to 750º F

here’s what it can delIver:
• Longer production cycles
• Less downtime
• Excellent corrosion resistance

technical resources you can count on:
• Experienced Application Engineers
• Metallurgists on staff
• In plant technical services available

*If you have an application which requires an alternative stainless solution for extreme temperatures, resistance to high chlorine or sulfur levels, please contact Drives
Application Engineering today.
For engineering information and proper chain
selection criteria, please refer your customers to
the Drives Roller Chain Catalog #1811 (pages 50-53)
or Corrosion Resistance Products Brochure #2106
(pages 8-11).
A full range of attachments are available.

drives. Solutions that Drive Success.
Fulton, IllInoIs • Phone: 800-435-0782 • roller chaIn • conveyor & engIneered class chaIn • PrecIsIon attachment chaIn

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