The PIG: Polymer Inline Geardrive

Download (PDF, 423.59KB)

Cast Iron



In development -PHI4062E


Available -SSHI4040 and SSHI4060

• Collaborative housing development with DuPont and Henkel (Loctite).

• Finite Element Analysis (FEA) used to optimize the housing design.

• Material expertise and testing support from RBC Materials Lab.

• Innovative housing design with tongue-in­groove joints eliminates fasteners and enhances wash-down properties.

• Patent Pending.

• USDA Meat and Poultry Accepted Equipment List.

DuPont Engineered Polymer

• Commercially available polymer widely used in the automotive industry.

• Superior tensile strength at elevated temperatures.

• Excellent resistance to oil, temperature, industrial cleaners, and pressure cleaning.

• High stain resistance.

• Qualified material and housing design through FEA and destructive testing.

• Whole-unit testing successful.

• Price advantage over Stainless Steel units.

• No paint, no chipping, no rust.

• Resistant to caustic wash down applications.

• Lubed for life, non-vented.

• Drop in for HI4062 cast iron / stainless units. (SEW R47 & R57)

• Same double reduction ratio range as cast iron / stainless units.

• Tooled for NEMA 56C input frame motors up to 2HP.

…at a significant price advantage.

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