Type E and E-Family Roller Bearings

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The Original Dodge Type E Bearings

Complete Family Of General-Purpose, High-Capacity Tapered Roller Bearings
Top Angle Take-Up Two-Bolt Pillow Blocks

Four-Bolt Pillow Blocks

All Type E Bearings Share Common Features That Ensure Greater Reliability
• High-capacity tapered roller bearing inserts allow for combination radial and thrust loads.
• Exclusive DODGE “R” seal protects against contamination in dusty or damp environments.
• Nitrile rubbing lip seal conforms to the cone, permitting grease to purge while keeping contaminants out.
• Optional E-Tect seal kit gives extra protection and reduces contamination for longer bearing life.
• DODGE Springlok 65° setscrew locking system offers the optimum balance between locking force and collar stress.
• True rolling motion and surface contact over the complete length of the tapered roller results in higher load capacity.
• Oversized dual Spinglok collars act as flingers for added protection.
• Bearings are preassembled, pre-lubricated, and factory adjusted for easy installation and maximum production efficiency.
• Quality through-hardened rollers and races offer excellent load handling.
• Hardened outer surface resists wear.
• Carburized inner ring absorbs shocks and resists crack propagation.
• Variety of configurations allows maximum application flexibility.

Exclusive Dodge “R” Seal
• Performs Significantly Better Than Other Seals: Dust box tests prove it. The DODGE Type E bearings’ “R” seal offers improved bearing protection.
• Test Requirements: Pillow blocks were mounted with different seal designs in an enclosed container. Propeller-type dust slingers were installed on each side of the test bearing.
• Contaminant Medium:: Foundry sand
• Length of Test: 300 hours (or until lock-up occurred)
• Shaft Speed: 200 RPM
• Approximate Revolutions: 3.6 million

ings, only Better

Type e
• Two- and four-bolt pillow blocks (1-3/16” through 7” and 35 mm through 180 mm)
• Flange (1-3/16” through 4-1/2” and 35 mm through 115 mm)
• Piloted flange (1-3/16” through 5” and 35 mm through 125 mm)
• Top angle take-ups (1-3/4” through 4” and 45 mm through 100 mm)
• Center pull frame with wide slot take-up (1-3/8” through 3” and 35 mm through 75 mm)

Type K Fits Where Others Won’t
The DODGE Type K bearing is ideal for light-to-moderate loads and for applications with the need for a statically self-aligning and expansion-capable bearing. It is specifically designed for small space requirements and is offered in a variety of configurations.
• Pillow block—expansion and non-expansion (1-3/16” through 3-15/16”)
• Flange—expansion and non-expansion (1-3/16” through 3-15/16”)
• S-1 and B-1units (1-3/16” through 3-15/16”)
• Wide slot take-up frame (1-3/8” through 3”)
• Top angle take-ups (1-3/4” through 3-15/16”)

TAF Is Dimensionally Interchangeable With SAF Pillow Blocks
DODGE TAF bearings are a cost-effective alternative to SAF bearings. Compared with standard SAF pillow blocks, these bearings save installation time, reduce lubrication costs, and are shipped shaft ready.
• Interchangeable with SAF-style pillow blocks (1-7/16” up to 7” and 35 mm through 180 mm)

Double Interlock® Combines Durability With Mounting Flexibility
DODGE DOUBLE INTERLOCK bearings have a split housing design with a replaceable inner unit for application versatility. This durable twin-row tapered roller bearing features excellent self-aligning characteristics and is offered in expansion and non-expansion constructions.
• Two- and four-bolt pillow blocks (1-3/16” through 7” and 35 mm through 180 mm)
• Flange (1-3/16” through 5” and 35 mm through 125 mm)
• S-1 unit (1-3/16” up to 7” and 35 mm through 180 mm)
• D unit (1-3/16” up to 5”)

Only The Best Bearings Come From The Best Plant
Our DODGE® Type E, S-2000 and S-2000-E, and IMPERIAL® and IMPERIAL-E bearings are the best. Manufactured at our Marion, NC, plant—one of IndustryWeek’s Top 10 Best Plants for 2004—they represent the best in roller bearing technology and innovation.

When you want the best bearings, look to DODGE and our Best Plant in Marion, NC. Together, they are your best source for performance-proven solutions.

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