UNIMOUNT Motors Rolled Steel Frame, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled

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UNIMOUNT® Motors Rolled Steel Frame, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled

Horsepower: 1/4 – 10 Speeds: 3600, 1800, 1200 RPM Design Voltages: 3Phase/208-230/460 volt Enclosures: Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Frame Sizes: Sealed Bearings 56-140 Frame,

Double Shielded 180-210 Frame Efficiency Levels: NEMA® design B performance, on 60 hertz sine wave power

Product Overview and Options

UNIMOUNT® motors offer the widest range of electrical Additional Footed Features: and mechanical features of any motor on the market today.
• Shaft slinger on pulley end UNIMOUNT can be used on pumps, fans, compressors, • Regreasable shaft-end bearings
general industrial belt drive, direct drive and direct-connected equipment where 12-lead, wye-start/delta-run is required. UNIMOUNT is also available as an inverter duty motor, meeting both Parts 30 and 31 of NEMA MG-1 standards.
Product Features:
• EISA Compliant Motors
• 1.15 Service Factor
• Oversized diagonally split conduit box
• Rugged motor base
• Rolled steel frame
• 40°C ambient
• Usable up to 3,300 feet above sea level
• CE certified

Additional Footless Features:
• Dual voltage ratings suitable for Part Winding Start (PWS) on low voltage • Aluminum end shields with steel bearing inserts
• Lifting provisions 180 frame and up • Oversized diagonally split conduit box
• Agency recognitions: UL® and CSA® certified • Regreasable shaft-end bearings (180-210 frame)
• ALLGUARD® Motor Quality System
• Footed, C-Face Footed, C-Face Footless

Product Overview and Options continued
Equipped with ALLGUARD® Motor Quality System
The ALLGUARD motor quality system combines the industry’s best motor winding protection with the latest advancements in motor bearing lubrication.

Polyrex® EM grease
• Outstanding long-life, high-temperature lubrication of ball and roller bearings
• Specially formulated for electric motor bearing lubrication
• Excellent mechanical shear stability
• Excellent corrosion resistance, even in the presence of salt water

New pulse resistant and abrasion resistant wire
• Higher temperature pulse endurance performance
• Excellent mechanical shear stability
• Incorporation of “Tough Wire” concepts

100% solids polyester varnish on all frames
• 700 times NEMA® required humidity resistance
• Approximately 5000 volt dielectric strength at 25°C
• 2 times film build of water-borne varnishes
• 2 times the hot bond strength of epoxy varnish

EISA Compliance

Typical UNIMOUNT® Motor Construction:
1. Wire Pulse and Abrasion Resistant

2. Bearing Polyrex® EM Grease

3. Windings 100% Polyester Varnish


The U.S. Motors® brand NEMA Premium®† line of high performance commercial and industrial motors is designed to help industry reduce energy consumption and comply with EISA regulations. This line features upgraded open dripproof and totally enclosed motors that meet or exceed NEMA Premium®† requirements

All high performance motors carry a nameplate including a NEMA Premium®† trademark and European IE efficiency marks, providing a clear means for both users and OEM’s to determine global regulatory compliance for their application.

† All marks shown within this document are properties of their respective owners.

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