FAG SuperTac II Taconite Seals: The Drop-in Solution

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FAG SuperTac II Taconite Seals

The Drop-in Solution

Dimensions “g” and “g1” apply to SuperTac II seals installed with FAG series SAF5..D pillow blocks. Dimensions may vary when using SuperTac II seals with non-ductile iron FAG SAF series pillow blocks, or with a non-FAG pillow block.

Shaft inch / mm Shaft inch / mm
47/16 115
115/16 50
415/16 125
53/16 135
57/16 140
211/16 70
515/16 150
215/16 75
67/16 160
33/16 80
615/16 170
37/16 90
73/16 180
315/16 100
715/16 200

SuperTac II seals are unavailable for some metric shaft sizes due to inadequate space between the shaft and housing seal grooves to accommodate the seal design.

At the Sign of Contamination, the Seal that Delivers

In the most severe service conditions, for which FAG pillow blocks are so highly suited, it is common for the rolling bearings to be exposed to the risk of the adverse affects of environmental contamination. In order to prevent premature bearing failure due to localized pollutants, the selection of a reliable seal arrangement can become the most important consideration in the bearing and housing assembly. For a virtually impenetrable and standard seal design, FAG offers
the drop-in SuperTac II.

Design Features
• FAG SuperTac II seals are manufactured from high grade steel with black oxide coating as standard; special design option of nickel plating is available upon request
• the internal design features a radial / axial web barrier to external contaminants
• a grease packed radial labyrinth is formed by high grade spring steel laminar rings that align into two close running barriers, separated by a lubricant distribution channel
• working together with the grease purged axial labyrinth, the result is a web that stands virtually impenetrable
• the seal flinger is equipped with 2 set screws spaced at a 65° interval for maximum holding power to the shaft
• an o-ring in the flinger bore prevents the ingress of fluids between the seal and shaft

Operating Benefits
• FAG SuperTac II is designed as a drop-in fit to the seal grooves of FAG series SAF pillow blocks, as well as many competitive designs, eliminating the need for special housing features
• the non-contact seal design eliminates shaft wear common to competitive designs
• SuperTac II seals accept greater misalignments than lip seals
• exceptional speed characteristics: equivalent to bearing speed limits

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