Lubriplate Synthetic Air Compressor Fluids

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Lubriplate® SynXtreme AC Series: Polyolester (POE)-Based, 100% Synthetic Air Compressor Fluids. These “state of the art” polyolester (POE) type, 100% synthetic fluids are designed for maximum performance in rotary screw and vane type air compres­sors. Special advanced POE base esters combined with a multi-charged additive system produces unmatched oxidative stability, enhanced hydrolytic stability and excellent wear and corrosion protection. Potential for fluid drain intervals of +10,000 hours. Readily biodegradable (Meets OECD criteria) >70% biodegradation (Pw1). Available in 3 ISO Viscosity Grades; SynXtreme 32 (ISO 32), SynXtreme 46 (ISO 46), and SynXtreme 68 (ISO 68).

Lubriplate® Syn Lube Series: Polyalphaolefin (PAO)-Based, 100% Synthetic Fluids.These polyalphaolefin (PAO)-based, zinc-free, synthetic air compressor fluids are recommended for rotary screw and rotary vane air compres­sors. They are also recommended for centrifugal air compressors striving for lower power consumption. They offer superior thermal and oxidation stability, outstanding water demulsibility, extremely low pour points, very high viscosity indexes, superior heat transfer characteristics and excellent seal material compatibility. Fluid drain intervals are 6 - 8,000 hours under normal conditions. Available in 5 ISO Viscosity Grades; Syn Lube 22 (ISO 22), Syn Lube 32 (ISO 32), Syn Lube 46 (ISO 46), Syn Lube 68 (ISO 68) and Syn Lube 100 (ISO 100).

Lubriplate® Synac Series: Diester-Based, 100% Synthetic Air Compressor Fluids.These diester-based synthetic air compressor fluids are for rotary screw, rotary vane, reciprocating air compressors, vacuum pumps, blowers, centrifuges and a multitude of other high temperature applications. They are outstanding for applications in which the fluid is subjected to high temperature and high stress conditions over extended drain intervals up to 8,000 hours. They eliminate sludge and varnish buildup caused by high operating temperatures. Due to their clean natural detergency characteristics, they are ideal for upper cylinder lubrication of reciprocating air compressors. Available in 7 ISO Viscosity Grades; Synac 32 (ISO 32), Synac 46 (ISO 46), Synac 68 (ISO 68), Synac 100 (ISO 100), Synac 150 (ISO 150) Synac 220 (ISO 220), and Synac 320 (ISO 320).

Lubriplate® Syncool: Readily Biodegradable, High Performance, 100% Synthetic Air Compressor Fluid.This high-performance, readily biodegradable, synthetic air compressor fluid was developed to meet the needs of most rotary screw and rotary vane air compressors where high operating temperatures are present and environmental issues are a concern. It is readily biodegradable (Meets OECD criteria) >70% biodegradation. Excellent thermal and oxidation stability helps eliminate harmful deposits and extend drain intervals to 8,000 hours under normal conditions. ISO Viscosity Grade 32/46.

Lubriplate® SFGO Ultra Series: NSF H-1 Registered, Food Grade, 100% Synthetic Compressor Fluids. These polyalphaolefin (PAO)-based synthetic fluids are manufactured with ingredients that comply with FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 for lubricants with incidental food contact. They are designed for oil-flooded rotary screw, rotary vane and reciprocating air compressors. They are outstanding lubricants for applications in which the fluid must undergo high temperature and high stress conditions over extended drain intervals.

Available in 5 ISO Viscosity Grades; SFGO Ultra 22 (ISO 22), SFGO Ultra 32 (ISO 32), SFGO Ultra 46 (ISO 46), SFGO Ultra 68 (ISO 68) and SFGO Ultra 100 (ISO 100).

OEM / Lubriplate® Synthetic Air Compressor Fluid Interchange
GA-8K Syn Lube 46 Sigma 8000 S-320 Syn Lube 32 AEON 9000 / AEON 9000 SP Syn Lube 46
HD Roto Fluid / HD Roto Fluid Plus Syn Lube 46 Sigma 8000 S-460 Syn Lube 46 AEON PD Syn Lube 220
Roto Extend Syn Lube 46 Sigma 8000 S-680 Syn Lube 68 AEON PD FG SFGO Ultra 220*
Roto Z Syn Lube 68 Sigma 4000 M-460 (Semi-Synthetic) Syn Lube 46 AEON BIO SynXtreme AC-46
GA-OK Synac 32 Sigma 4000 M-100 (Semi-Synthetic) Syn Lube 100 AEON TH SynXtreme AC-46
GA-FG SFGO Ultra 32* Sigma 4000 M-150 (Semi-Synthetic) Syn Lube 150 AEON PG Syncool
Paroil M Syn Lube 46 325 R Synac 32 AEON 8000 Synac 68
LEROI LUBRIPLATE 466 R Synac 46 AEON 5000 Synac 100
SSL-46 / SSL-46 Plus Syn Lube 46 687 R Synac 68 GD 5000 / GD 5000-30 Synac 100
SSL-50 (Semi-Synthetic) Syn Lube 46 Sigma 8000 S-100 Synac 100 AEON 6000 FG SFGO Ultra 46*
SSL-46 FG SFGO Ultra 46* Sigma 8000 S-150 Synac 150 COMP CLEAN II Synflush
Cleaner Synflush Sigma 8000 FG SFGO Ultra 46* COMPAIR LUBRIPLATE
Quincy PG Ester 46 Syncool XHP-505 Syn Lube 68 CN 300 Synac 100
Quin Syn / Quin Syn Plus Syn Lube 46 XL-T-30 Syn Lube 100 CS 100 Synac 32
Quin Syn HP SynXtreme AC-46 SSR Ultra Coolant Syncool CS 5000 XL Synac 46
Quin Syn XP SynXtreme AC-68 SSR Ultra Plus Coolant SynXtreme AC-32 CS 500 XL Synac 46
Quin Syn PG Syncool Techrol Gold Syncool CS 200 Synac 68
Quin Syn FG SFGO Ultra 46* Orig SSR Coolant Synac 68 CS 300 Synac 100
Quin Syn Flushing Oil Synflush XL-700 Synac 100 CS 400 Synac 150
SULLAIR LUBRIPLATE XL-740 HT Synac 150 CSX 20 SFGO Ultra 46*
LLL-4-32 Syn Lube 32 T-30 Select Synac 100 PALATEK LUBRIPLATE
LLL-4-46 Syn Lube 46 SSR H-1 F SFGO Ultra 32* Palasyn 45 Syn Lube 46
LLL-4-100 Syn Lube 100 FG Coolant SFGO Ultra 46* Pallube 32 Syncool
LLL-4-150 Syn Lube 150 CURTIS TOLEDO LUBRIPLATE Palatek AFX 32 SynXtreme AC-32
SRF 2-8000 Syn Lube 32 RS 12,000 SynXtreme AC-46 Palaextra SynXtreme AC-46
Sullube Syncool RS-4000 FG SFGO Ultra 46* Palatek Food Grade 32 SFGO Ultra 32*
*NSF H-1 Registered Food Machinery Grade Fluid.

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