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ntn-the-first-range-of-bearings-for-extreme-use-available-from-stock-1The First Range Of Bearings For Extreme Use Available From Stock

High temperatures: FT series: 150°C (300°F) peak s up to 500 000 N.Dm HTseries: 200°C(400°F)peak s up to 150 000 N.Dm F600/F604 series s (not pictured) Low temperatures: LT series: s down to -60°C (-75°F) High speeds: HV series: s … Continue reading

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us-motors-accu-torqsheetfinal-1U.S. Motors: ACCU-Torq Motors Vector Duty Induction Motors

ACCU-Torq® Motors Vector Duty Induction Motors Product Overview and Options Encoder-equipped ACCU-Torq® motors are a low-cost, error-• Class F Insulation free solution to applications requiring accurate positioning • F-1 Standard, field convertible to F-2 for 180 frame and above or … Continue reading

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motion-system-design-worm-gear-article-1Even the Worm Will Turn

Think worm gearing is a moderately efficient way to get motion done? The humble worm gear is proving that its full potential has not been realized just yet. Worm gears are a power transmission standard, driving millions of axes requiring … Continue reading

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tsubaki-double-plus-chain-1U.S.Tsubaki Double Plus Chain

U.S.Tsubaki Double Plus Chain For Free Flow Conveying and Accumulating Applications Cutaway view of DOUBLE PLUS® roller DOUBLE PLUS Chain uses free flow technology to revolutionize your operation. The secret is in the construction. DOUBLE PLUS consists of a series … Continue reading

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