Rexnord 6000 Series Adapter Mount Roller Bearing with SHURLOK

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Rexnord® 6000 Series Adapter

Mount Roller Bearing

with new SHURLOKTM Technology

Shaft Size (in) # of Bolts Rexnord Part # DODGE Imperial Part #


ixed Floating Fixed Floating

1-15/16 2 ZA6115 ZAS6115 P2B-IP-115R P2B-IP-115RE

1-15/16 4 ZA6115-F ZAS6115-F P4B-IP-115R P4B-IP-115RE

2-3/16 2 ZA6203 ZAS6203 P2B-IP-203R P2B-IP-203RE

2-3/16 4 ZA6203-F ZAS6203-F P4B-IP-203R P4B-IP-203RE

2-3/8 2 ZA6206 ZAS6206 P2B-IP-206R P2B-IP-206RE

2-3/8 4 ZA6206-F ZAS6206-F P4B-IP-206R P4B-IP-206RE

2-7/16 2 ZA6207 ZAS6207 P2B-IP-207R P2B-IP-207RE

2-7/16 4 ZA6207-F ZAS6207-F P4B-IP-207R P4B-IP-207RE

2-11/16 2 ZA6211 ZAS6211 P2B-IP-211R P2B-IP-211RE

2-11/16 4 ZA6211-F ZAS6211-F P4B-IP-211R P4B-IP-211RE

2-3/4 2 ZA6212 ZAS6212 P2B-IP-212R P2B-IP-212RE

2-3/4 4 ZA6212-F ZAS6212-F P4B-IP-212R P4B-IP-212RE

2-15/16 2 ZA6215 ZAS6215 P2B-IP-215R P2B-IP-215RE

2-15/16 4 ZA6215-F ZAS6215-F P4B-IP-215R P4B-IP-215RE

3-3/16 2 ZA6303 ZAS6303 P2B-IP-303R P2B-IP-303RE

3-3/16 4 ZA6303-F ZAS6303-F P4B-IP-303R P4B-IP-303RE

3-7/16 2 ZA6307 ZAS6307 P2B-IP-307R P2B-IP-307RE

3-7/16 4 ZA6307-F ZAS6307-F P4B-IP-307R P4B-IP-307RE

3-11/16 2 ZA6311 ZAS6311 P2B-IP-311R P2B-IP-311RE

3-11/16 4 ZA6311-F ZAS6311-F P4B-IP-311R P4B-IP-311RE

3-15/16 2 ZA6315 ZAS6315 P2B-IP-315R P2B-IP-315RE

3-15/16 4 ZA6315-F ZAS6315-F P4B-IP-315R P4B-IP-315RE

Shaft Size (in) # of Bolts Rexnord Part # SKF Part #


ixed Floating Fixed Floating

2-7/16 2 ZAF6207 ZAFS6207 SAF22515 SAF22516

2-7/16 4 ZAF6207F ZAFS6207F FSAF22515 FSAF22516

2-11/16 2 ZAF6211 ZAFS6211 SAF22516 SAF22516

2-11/16 4 ZAF6211F ZAFS6211F FSAF22516 FSAF22516

2-15/16 2 ZAF6215 ZAFS6215 SAF22517 SAF22517

2-15/16 4 ZAF6215F ZAFS6215F FSAF22517 FSAF22517

3-7/16 2 ZAF6307 ZAFS6307 SAF22520 SAF22520

3-7/16 4 ZAF6307F ZAFS6307F FSAF22520 FSAF22520

3-15/16 4 ZAF6315F ZAFS6315F SAF22522 SAF22522

4-7/16 4 ZAF6407YF ZAFS6407YF SAF22526 SAF22526

4-15/16 4 ZAF6415F ZAFS6415F SAF22528 SAF22528

Rexnord® 6000 Series Adapter Mount Roller BearingRexnord® 6000 Series Roller Bearings

Interchange Examples

Rexnord is a registered trademark, and SHURLOCK and Spyglass are

trademarks of Rexnord industries, LLC.

IMPERIAL and DODGE are registered trademarks of Rockwell Automation SAF and SKF are trademarks of the SKF Group.

Rexnord Roller Bearings

Rugged. Responsive. Reliable.

Rexnord is proud to announce the new 6000 Series Adapter Mount Roller Bearing with SHURLOKTM technology. Increase your operation’s ef. ciency and pro.tability by reducing installation errors, maintenance costs, and down time. The bearing’s rugged and adaptable design make it excellent for mining, aggregate production, forest products, and other demanding applications.

Featuring the innovative new SHURLOK technology, the 6000 Series Adapter Mount Roller Bearing requires less lubrication and is ideal for ISO 14000 compliance.

Installation errors are a thing of the past with the breakthrough proprietary SpyglassTM Optical Strain Sensing (OSS) Technology.

A Positive Locking feature and single housing construction also provide easy installation and removal, and enable undersized shafts.

SHURLOK technology is available in all Rexnord® housings for shaft sizes from 115/16 inches to 415/16 inches. It also has three interchangeable seal options and several auxiliary cap seal con.gurations to meet each unique application’s needs.

Featuring Rexnord’s new SHURLOKTM technology

Taking the mystery out of mounting

ZA 6000 Imperial® VS.

Hour Glass Roller elementsSuper-. nished raceways

machined to best-in-class

provide a cool running,

tolerance provides longer

quiet, high speed and high

bearing life

load capacity bearing

Tapered sleeve allows

Self aligning

easy installation/


removal, plus

roller bearing enables use

• 35% greater shaft grip means less vibration and provides 3 of undersized maintenance, providing up to 2 times greater bearingdegrees of shafts

life in our studies versus the Imperial.

static and

dynamic • Quick release feature allows easy removal for



maintenance, plus the mounting collar with SpyglassTM

Locking System allows OSS Technology can be reused. Auxiliary end

vibration free • Positive Locking system greatly reduces the vibration,

caps & three . eld

operation, thereforeinterchangeable seal

eliminating the need for later mounting inspections.not requiring scheduled

options ensures long • SpyglassTM OSS Technology takes the guesswork out ofinspections for snugness

bearing life through a full installation, eliminating damage to the shaft because of

of mountings

range of applications

improper tightness on the mounting.

ZAF 6000 SAF


• SpyglassTM OSS Technology provides instant feedback for optimal shaft grip, eliminating a common installation error.

• Rugged one-piece housing decreases installation /removal time by 2 times versus SAF models.

• Factory pre-lubricated elements require 4 times less lubrication than SAF models - ISO 14000 friendly!

Rexnord® 6000 Series roller bearings are also available in these housings • Factory pre-set clearances reduces installation time by

80%! No need for feeler gauges.

Mounting collar utilizing

SpyglassTM Technology

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