81X Series Chain Products

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81X Series Chain Products
Timber Processing • Wallboard Conveyor Enmasse Systems
Fulton, IL / USA

100 years
...of advanced engineering knowledge and experience adds up
to the best U.S.A. made chain ever produced.

Drives, Inc. produces industry leading Engi­neered Class Conveyor chains for the world’s toughest applications. Contact Drives, Inc. for solutions that drive success when you’re looking to replace your existing conveyor chains and you want great performance value.

Chain Features:
Solid Rollers and Bushings
Through hardened solid rollers provide a smooth, more uniform bearing surface and material ductility for shock resistance and toughness to withstand sprocket tooth engagement. Case hardened solid bushings deliver pre­mium wear resistance and higher crush strength.

Case Hardened or Through Hardened Pins
81X chain pins are carburized, or case hardened, which transforms the outside of the part into a hard, wear resis­tant surface, but allows the inner core to remain tough and ductile to absorb normal loads. For most applications, this combination provides the balance between wear resistance and durability.

81XH series chains incorporate pins produced from carbon alloy steel, through hardened to give the heavy series chains higher working loads and over 20% greater capacity for shock loading. Users should be aware that wear life in abrasive environments may be slightly reduced due to material and heat treatment of the through hardened chain pins.

Shotpeened Components

Pins, Rollers and Side Plates are shotpeened to improve the fatigue resistance of the chain. The shotpeening process purposely causes the component materials to work harden. This work hardening process creates compressive stresses on the surface of the chain compo­nents which promotes additional resistance to premature fatigue failure.

Three Stage Precision Pierced Link Plate Pitch Holes

Link plate pitch holes are produced using a three stage progressive process to create a high quality pitch hole with maximum bearing area and surface perfection. This provides for maximum contact area between link plates, pins and bushings and increases chain integrity. The exceptional surface finish within the pitch hole maxi­mizes the capacity to handle heavy loads, especially in fatigue sensitive applications. These manufacturing processes minimize chain twist which is critical to facilitating the installation of chain in conveyor applications.

Special Design Clearances for Elevated Temperature Applications
Drives, Inc. Engineering designs the proper clearance between all components depending on the application. Special clearances are designed specifically for applica­tions involving elevated temperatures. Stiff chain joints are prevented with the 81X KD designed chain series.

Available Options
Silver Shield CR™ is available upon request. Silver Shield CR™ is a plating process available for those applications that may be subjected to mildly caustic or acidic environments. Silver Shield CR™ involves Zinc-Aluminum compounds with a polymer based resin coating that tightly adheres to the 81X carbon alloy chain components. This corrosion resistant technology is superior to other plating processes.

Extended Life CHP™ Series is available upon request. CHP hard chrome plated pins possess standard steel’s metallurgical properties for toughness and strength while delivering an extremely hard wear resistant pin surface. CHP chain pins resist wear longer than standard heat treated pins, even in dry and abrasive environments. Contact Drives, Incorporated Engineering for application support.


Benefits of 81X
• Made of superior quality alloy steels.

1.160 46 2.500 24,000 3,000

Drives, Incorporated 81XH, 81XHT, 81XHH Engineering Class

Made in


Drives, Incorporated 3939 Engineering Class


Made in

1.550 24,000 3,000
1.550 24,000 3,000
1.550 24,000 3,000
1.550 24,000 3,000
1.550 24,000 3,000
1.550 24,000 3,000
1.550 24,000 3,000

Delivering Engineering Class Chains built to the highest standards and recognized for performance in the world’s toughest applications

Custom Services
• Special Strand Lengths
• No-stain Lubricants
• Quad-staked Heavy
• Extended Life CHPTM

Drives, Incorporated USA 81X KD and 81XH KD chains are manufactured in Fulton, IL and are built to the highest standards in the industry. Drives, Incorporated USA 81X KD and 81XH KD chains are specifically designed and recommended for elevated temperature applications.

Consult Drives, Inc. Engineering for application recommendations.

Solutions that Drive Success


Drives, Incorporated 81X KD Engineering Class

81X KD


Made in

2.609” Pitch

Drives, Inc. Pitch Dimensions in Inches Approx. Links in 10 Ft. Weight per Foot Average Ultimate Strength Maximum Recommended Working Load
Chain No. P C D E H W T t A B Links Lb. Lb. Lb.

81XH KD* 2.609 2.370 0.906 0.437 1.332 1.060 0.310 0.220 1.196 1.381 46 4.120 42,000 3,700

3.000” Pitch

Drives, Inc. Pitch Dimensions in Inches Approx. Links in 10 Ft. Weight per Foot Average Ultimate Strength Maximum Recommended Working Load
Chain No. P C D E H W T t A B Links Lb. Lb. Lb.

3000H KD* 3.000 3.220 1.500 0.750 2.000 1.312 0.375 --1.610 1.610 40 10.700 70,000 7,100
* Note: KD Series manufactured with increased clearance between side bars to prevent stiff joints under elevated temperatures.
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