Lubriplate Quality Lubricants Quality Services

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Quality Products and Services Designed to fit your needs.
We understand your needs.... That's why all Lubriplate Lubricants come with Lubriplate's exclusive, complimentary ESP Extra Services Package. Services include...
Complete complimentary plant lubrication surveys to help
improve, streamline and consolidate your lubrication program.
Lubrication maintenance schedule software.
Color-coded machinery lubrication tags.

Follow-up lubricant analysis all at no charge.
Toll Free Technical Support Hotline and E-mail
for quick answers to your lubrication questions.

Lubrication maintenance training programs.

Lubriplate's Complimentary ESP Extra Services Package
Backed By:

Extra Services Package
•Complimentary Plant Surveys •Tech Support
• Lubrication Software • Machinery Tags
• Follow-Up Lubricant Analysis • Training

Technical Support Hotline and E-mail
Call our technical service center toll free at 800-347-5343 or 800-733-4755 for answers to your lubrication questions by phone, or e-mail your questions to or contact your nearest Lubriplate district manager or your local distributor representative for complete technical support.

Complete Plant Surveys and Lubricant Inventory Consolidation
Complete plant surveys by our professional staff of lubrication engineers are also available to determine your exact lubricant requirements and identify opportunities for lubricant inventory consolidation.
Customized, Color Coded, Lubricant Specification, Machinery Tags
Customized with your company logo, these color coded machinery tags help prevent lubricant misapplication and ensure that the proper lubricant is used when servicing a particular piece of equipment. Based on a complete plant survey, tags can be provided for each piece of equipment in your plant.
Lubrication Maintenance Software
Lubriplate offers a PC based computer software program that puts your entire lubrication and maintenance sched­
ules at your fingertips. This service is based on a complete survey of your entire plant. Contact Dan Moroses (Newark office) for details at 973-589-9150.
No-Charge Oil / Fluid and Grease Analysis
Our Oil/Fluid and Grease Analysis Program that is offered at no-charge on all Lubriplate products. Tests that are performed include: Viscosity, Acidity, Contamination (% sediment and % moisture,) Spectrochemical (PPM of wear metals and additives) ISO Cleanliness (optional). An interpretation of the results is included along with
suggested actions to take.
In Plant User Lubrication Training and Distributor Training
We offer training programs tailored to fit your needs. These educational training sessions focus on all facets of machinery lubrication and are not a sales presentation. Seminars are graphically presented with overheads, and
other support material. Available on-site at your facility or in a local conference room. Contact us at 800-733-4755 for more information.

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