KBAC Hybrid AC Drive A Digital Drive with Analog Interface

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Hybrid AC Drive

A Digital Drive with Analog Interface

Rugged Die-Cast Aluminum NEMA-4X / IP-65 Enclosure with Hinged Cover
Primary Features
Horsepower 1/8 to 5 HP, Jumper Selectable 1Ø & 3Ø Input 115/230/460 VAC, 50/60 Hz
3Ø Output 230/460 VAC 200% Starting Torque Diagnostic LED Status Indicators
Saves Time
Easy to Install and Simple to Operate Does not require programming or commissioning
Up and running in less than 10 minutes.
Motors Last Longer
Proprietary CL Software
Provides overload protection, prevents motor burnout
and eliminates nuisance tripping.
UL approved as electronic overload protector for motors.

Energy Saving
Uses only the power the application requires
Energy savings is realized by using variable motor speed vs. constant speed motors.
Economical to Use: Indoors or Out
Eliminates secondary enclosure
No holes to drill, no switches to install.
No need to derate drive for high starting torque applications.

Combines Soft Start with Variable Speed

Adjustable Soft Start.
KB Customization for OEM’s
“You get exactly what you need. Nothing more, Nothing less.”
Includes: custom label, preset calibration, installing drive options and custom software. Ready to use out of the box.
GFCI software* allows equipment to operate with Ground Fault Circuit Interruption circuit breakers or outlets.
*With factory programming.

Additional Features
Sensorless Flux Vector Control
Flux Vector Compensation with Static Auto-Tune provides excellent speed regulation with high torque loads throughout the entire speed range. Auto energy saving at light loads. Smooth motor torque.
Electronic Inrush Current Limit (EICL™) Protection
Eliminates harmful inrush AC line current during power up.
Run/Fault Relay Output Contacts
Can be used to turn equipment on or off, to signal a warning if the drive is put into “Stop” mode, or to signal if a fault has occurred.
Start/Stop Switch
Provides electronic “Start” and “Stop” functions.
Provides smooth recovery to the previous set speed during a momentary power loss.
Holding Torque at Zero Speed
Resists motor shaft rotation when the drive is in “Stop” mode.
Regeneration Protection
Eliminates tripping due to high bus voltage caused by rapid deceleration of high inertial loads.
Undervoltage and Overvoltage Protection
Shuts down the drive if the AC line input voltage goes above or below the operating range.
Short Circuit Protection
Shuts down the drive if a short circuit occurs at the motor (phase-to-phase).
Basic, Programmable, Trimpot Adjustments
Min. Speed, Max. Speed, Accel, Decel, Current Limit, Slip Comp.
Drive Options
On/Off AC Line Switch
Disconnects the AC line.
Forward-Stop-Reverse Switch
Provides motor reversing and stop functions.
Signal Isolator
Provides isolation between a non-isolated signal source and the drive.
Auto/Manual Switch
When used with the Signal Isolator, it selects the remote process signal or the Main Speed Potentiometer.
Class “A” (CE) RFI Filter
Installs inside the drive.
Liquidtight Fittings
Provides a liquid-tight seal for wiring the drive. Kit includes necessary liquid-tight fittings.
Learn about our BAD™ distributor program www.kbelectronics.com/BAD.pdf

• Actuators
• Air Cleaners
• Amusement Rides
• Ball Pitching Machines
• Blowers
• Boat Lifts
• Bowling Alley Lane Cleaners
• Conveyors
• Door and Gate Openers
• Drilling
• Duct Cleaners
• Dumbwaiters
• Elevators and Hoists
• Exercise Equipment
• Fabric Processing
• Fans
• Feeders
• Film Processing
• Floor Cleaning
• Food Processing
• Garment Cutting
• Grinding and Polishing
• Hoppers
• Horse Walkers
• Indexers
• Irrigation
• Laminating
• Lift Station Pumps
• Machine Tools
• Medical
• Milling
• Mixers
• Oven Conveyors
• Packaging
• Paint Blenders, Shakers, and Sprayers
• Paper Handling
• Portable Equipment Used with GFCIs
• Pottery Wheels
• Printing
• Pumps
• Range Hoods
• Sandblasting
• Saws
• Sewing
• Stretch Wrap
• Textile
• Treadmills
• Therapeutic Vibrators
• Washing Machines
• Wave Soldering
• Web Processing
• Wheelchair Lifts
• Whole House Vacuums and Attic Fans
• Wire Feeders
• Wood and Metal Lathes and Cutters
• Winders and Unwinders


115/230 VAC 1-Phase Input • 230 VAC 3-Phase Output

Case “B” – (Inches/mm)

Model No. Part No. Ratings Net Weight Case
Gray White HP, (kW) Amps Lbs. kg
KBAC-24D 9987 9988 1, (0.75) 3.6 5.9 2.7 A
KBAC-27D 9520 9521 2, (1.5) 6.7 10.3 4.7 B

230 VAC 1-Phase Input • 230 VAC 3-Phase Output

Model No. Part No. Ratings Net Weight Case
Gray White HP, (kW) Amps Lbs. kg
KBAC-29 (1P) 10001 10002 3, (2.25) 9.0 10.3 4.7 B

230 VAC 3-Phase Input • 230 VAC 3-Phase Output

Model No. Part No. Ratings Net Weight Case
Gray White HP, (kW) Amps Lbs. kg
KBAC-29 9528 9529 3, (2.25) 9.0 10.3 4.7 B

460 VAC 3-Phase Input • 460 VAC 3-Phase Output

Model No. Part No. Ratings Net Weight Case
Gray White HP, (kW) Amps Lbs. kg
KBAC-45 9530 9531 3, (2.25) 4.6 10.3 4.7 B
KBAC-48 9540 9541 5, (3.75) 8.3 10.3 4.7 B

Case “A” – (Inches/mm)

9.53 242

Maximum Load (% of Current Overload for 2 Minutes) 150
Carrier, Switching Frequency (kHz) 16, 8
Output Frequency Resolution (Hz) 0.06
Minimum Output Frequency to Motor (Hz) 0.3
Acceleration Time (Seconds) 0.3 – 20
Deceleration Time (Seconds) 0.3 – 20
Speed Range (Ratio) 60:1
Speed Regulation (30:1 Speed Range, 0 – Full Load) (% Base Speed) 2.5
Stalled Motor Trip Time (Seconds) 6
Braking DC Injection*
Operating Temperature Range (ºC / ºF) 0 – 40 / 32 – 104
Storage Temperature (ºC / ºF) -25 – +85 / -13 – +185

Maximum Depth: 5.86
149 *Requires factory programming.

General Connection Diagram

AC Line Input
Ground (Earth)
(varies by model) Ground (Earth)

A42152 – Rev. D – 2/2011

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